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Nata nel 1978 come bollettino del club 'Giovani amici del fumetto' esiste nella sua forma attuale dal 1989. È edita da Freecom società appartenente alla Rete Doc.

Born in 1978 as the gazette of the club “Giovani amici del fumetto” (“Young comic friends”), it took its current shape in 1989. It is edited by Freecom, a company belonging to Doc Net.

The magazine is distributed every month in newsstands and comic shops, for a total of 4000 copies. It is also possible to buy copies directly on the online store from the website

Over the years, the magazine covers have been designed by some of the most important authors of the Italian and international comics scene, such as Milo Manara, Claudio Stassi, Scott Mccloud, Hugo Pratt, Giorgio Cavazzano and many others.