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Benefits we offer .

Becoming a member means matching employees’ rights and protections with freelances’ freedoms and autonomy: while you manage your professional activities independently, we take care of all administrative, legal, and bureaucratic matters, offering you the protections of a hired worker.
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Specifically, we guarantee you:


Possibility of obtaining financing

Family allowances

Injury insurance and civil liability policy

Parental leave, maternity, sickness, and monthly unemployment benefit if legal requirements are met

Recovery of costs and VAT on purchases, 100% recovery of board and lodging expenses and Km reimbursements

Doc Net offers a range of services to support its members .

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Accounting, tax, marketing, and communication consultancy for your projects on Kickstarter

Doc Project to support and nurture the ideas of our members

Funding Office

Contracts Office. Personalized advice in Italy and abroad

Credit recovery

DOC-COM. Specialized press office

Synchro. Sophisticated audiovisual post-production studio

A network of professionals to start projects and develop collaborations

Travel agency TWT