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Doc Games, Comics and Cartoons is a project born to create a community of professionals like game designers, youtubers, streamers, cartoonists, dubblers, drawing teachers, cosplayers, journalists, and event organizers in this sector. Together we want to offer stronger protection and dignity to all professionals in the field through a range of benefits and services specifically designed to respond to their needs.

Doc Net .

Doc Net is a network of workers who choose to manage their professional activities through a cooperative model. We guarantee better protection to our members by means of innovative and specialized services, platforms, and tools. Cooperatives are based on efficiency and solidarity and promote cooperation among their members so that they can all be protected.

Cooperative model .

Why joining a cooperative? In a cooperative all members are equal and have the same rights and duties. Cooperatives are open and democratic entreprises and foster their members’ professional growth. In a cooperative applies the rule “one head, one vote”, so that all members can manage it directly.

Events .